Stress Management

Stress is an invisible disease. Stress can be defined as interference that disturbs a person’s Health, Mental, Physical, Well It occurs when a body is required to perform beyond its normal range capability however some amount of stress is required to optimize an individually performance when person in queued to taken the challenge with a fair ideas and firm belief that the outcome will be favourable. It is called Eustress.

When stress become too much to handle and the individual feeds unable to cope with it and feels that outcome will not be favourable then it became Distress.

It is important to understand the different b/w obese two and to create an environment where stress does not disable employees to a late extent

Effects of Stress on a Company:

  • How quality & Service.
  • Increase in complaints received and long & customer.
  • Time wasted in dealing with complaints.
  • High staff turnover.
  • Dissatisfied customer bend poor repetition of the comfrey.
  • Increase in no & disputer.

Causes of Stress in an organization:

  • Conflicting demands of superiors and seniors.
  • Personality clashes – at same level or in hierarchy
  • Inexperienced Staff can cause errors of judgment leading to loses and delays.
  • Hack & involvement in decision can also be a source & resentment.

Recognize the symptoms & Stress:

  • Prestart headaches and difficulty in sleeping.
  • Aggressive behaviour.
  • Lack & interest in personal appearance.
  • Haw & confidence in personal ability.
  • Feeling &worth Lennon.
  • Helplines
  • Poor concentration
  • Addiction and self-destructive habits.
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Indulging in sweets
  • Spender money excessively
  • In the and the attitude to avoid our unmercenary item in

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