Zerona Laser for Weight Management

Zerona is a FDA approved low-level laser treatment that works by opening microscopic pores in fat cells. Unlike surgical methods, Zerona is a non-invasive treatment to effectively target excess fat without any negative side effects.

  • No-touch body sculpting
  • Non-invasive
  • Zero downtime
  • Circumferential Reduction

No downtime

With the Zerona laser fat, one can straight away go to office Post Zerona treatment.

Metabolic and Hormonal correction

It corrects metabolic and hormonal dysfunction at the cellular level by regulating various mediators .

Diabetic Patient

It also sensitizes the cells to insulin by regulating adiponectin levels and hence benefits diabetics .

Weight Loss in PCOD

It facilitates weight loss in PCOD patients by auto-regulating various bio-chemical markers.

Weight Management

It is a great tool to achieve your cherished weight and inch loss goals without waiting several months for the desired effect to take place.

Rapid Results

Zerona Lasers work by aiming at areas of the body where you have a high accumulation of fat. It targets the fat cells to break them up and then drains the excess fat through the lymphatic drainage system.

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