What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is more common in women than men because the fibrous bands of their connective tissue don’t cross over as much to provide support under the skin. Fat (in any quantity) then bulges out from this connective tissue – which is why you can be slim and still have cellulite.

The Best Exercises to Reduce Cellulite

Since cellulite is caused by the accumulation of fat deposits, the first step in reducing the appearance of cellulite is weight or fat loss. Cardiovascular workouts will enable you to lose weight, while a strength training program will aid in building lean muscle and toning the areas of your body prone to cellulite.

And of course, a healthy diet is also important. Choose lots of vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and healthy fats. Be sure to drink lots of water, too, since dehydration can weaken your fascia (connective tissue surrounding muscles) and make cellulite more pronounced.

Cardio Exercise

Aerobic exercises such as running, cycling and swimming are excellent means of burning calories, increasing your metabolism and losing weight.


In addition to cardiovascular exercises, strength programs that target cellulite-prone areas such as the buttocks & thighs will aid in reducing cellulite.


Lunges are another strength training exercise that will tone your body, help in building lean muscles and reducing the appearance of cellulite on your legs and buttocks.

Foam Rolling

One additional thing that can help make cellulite less visible is making sure that you get good circulation to your muscles. And foam rolling can help with that.

Glute Bridge

If you notice a lot of cellulite on your butt, the glute bridge is one of the best exercises to strengthen your underlying glute muscles.


Here’s one more fantastic lower-body exercise which targets the same area as that pesky cellulite.